Whole-wheat bread with bananas and chocolate chips

pain de blé entier

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I would be lying if I said I bought whole-wheat flour because of its health benefits. I bought it by accident. And yes, grocery shopping abroad when you have just moved to a new country is never easy. But, if you also take Montreal’s winter weather into consideration, something completely foreign to a native Italian, then doing your groceries becomes an almost heroic mission. Upon entering the store, I was presented with two choices:
1)Peel off my countless layer of winter outerwear and carry them around in order to devote my time to carefully selecting only the right ingredients;
2) Keep on my coat, scarf, gloves and hat and be quick about shopping or risk death by dehydration;
It is clear, that day I chose the second option and tight like a big sausage I shot myself across the flour section. There were at least 12, maybe more, types of flour … so what to do? Choose the flour by chance or take off my gloves to better examine the packages? No, I chose it by chance, the risk of losing gloves in Montreal some days can be fatal. In short, I saved my hands but I bought the wrong flour. The poor whole-wheat flour, after an unsuccessful try with pizza, it has remained silent for several months in my kitchen cupboards until today. To not waste it I’ve decided to prepare a banana bread with chocolate chips … the poor whole-wheat flour did its duty perfectly  (meaning the bad pizza was entirely my fault…), the banana whole-wheat bread turned out super good, perfect for breakfast!
You must know that the package contains 1 kg of whole-wheat flour … do you have any suggestions on how I should use the rest ???


300 gr. of whole-wheat flour • 2 eggs • 250 ml. of milk with some drops of lemon juice • 70 ml of vegetable oil • 80 gr. of chocolate chips • 1 large ripe mashed banana • about 14 gr. of baking powder

Preheat the oven at 180° and line the base and the sides of loaf pan with non-tick baking paper or grease with butter, set aside;
In a bowl gently whisk the eggs with the milk and the oil;
Add the sifted flour with the baking powder, the smashed banana and the chocolate chips, mix well until you obtain a smooth cream;
Pour the mixture into the pan and bake for about 40-45 minutes;
Let cool before removing from pan.

• • •

Pain de blé entier aux bananes et pépites de chocolat

banana bread

Inutile de tergiverser en disant que j’ai acheté la farine de blé entier parce que c’est plus santé, je l’ai acheté par erreur. Et bon, faire son épicerie à l’étranger les premiers jours n’est jamais facile, si on ajoute le climat peu favorable de Montréal en hiver, cela devient presque une mission héroïque. On a  deux choix :
1) se déshabiller et prendre tout le temps qu’il faut
2) garder son écharpe, ses gants, son bonnet et être rapide
Ce jour-là, j’avais choisi la deuxième option, et serrée comme un gros saucisson, je me suis lancée dans la rangée des farines. Il y avait au moins 12 types de farines…que faire ?! Choisir par hasard ou enlever mes gants pour mieux examiner les paquets ? Non, choisir par hasard, le risque de perdre des gants à Montréal peut être fatal. Bref, j’ai sauvé mes mains, mais j’ai acheté la mauvaise farine.  La pauvre farine de blé entier est restée silencieuse plusieurs mois (après une tentative infructueuse avec une pizza) dans les placards de ma cuisine jusqu’à aujourd’hui. Pour ne pas la gaspiller, j’ai décidé de préparer du pain aux bananes et chocolat… super bon, parfait pour le petit déjeuner !
Sachez que le paquet contient 1 kg de farine de blé entier…alors, c’est sûr je vous donnerai d’autres recettes!


300 gr. de farine de blé entier • 2 œufs  • 250 ml de lait avec quelque gouttes de citron • 70 ml d’huile végétale • 80 gr. de pépites de chocolat • 1 grosse banane mûre écrasée • 14 gr. environ de levure

Préchauffez le four à 180°, beurrez et farinez un moule à pain, ou tapissez-le avec du papier parchemin, laissez de côté ;
Dans un bol, mélangez  délicatement les œufs avec le lait et l’huile ;
Ajoutez la farine tamisée avec la levure, la banane et les pépites de chocolat ; mélangez jusqu’à obtenir une pâte homogène ;
Versez le mélange dans le moule et enfournez environ 40-45 minutes;
Laissez refroidir avant de démouler le pain

• • •

Pane di farina integrale alla banana e gocce di cioccolata

pane integrale alla banana


300 gr. di farina integrale • 2 uova • 250 ml. di latte con qualche goccia di succo di limone • 70 ml di olio vegetale • 80 gr. di gocce di cioccolato • 1 grande banana matura • circa 14 gr. di lievito in polvere

Preriscaldate il forno a 180 ° e foderare la base e i lati di uno stampo da plumcake con la carta da forno o ungetela con il burro, mettete da parte;
In una ciotola sbattete leggermente le uova con il latte e l’olio;
Aggiungete la farina setacciata con il lievito, la banana schiacciata e le gocce di cioccolato, mescolate bene fino ad ottenere un composto liscio ed omogeneo;
Versate il composto nello stampo e infornate per circa 40-45 minuti;
Lasciate raffreddare prima di sformare.

N.B Come potrete notare nell’impasto non c’é zucchero, nel caso vogliate che il vostro banana bread somigli un po’ piú ad un dolce aggiungete 2/3 cucchiai di zucchero.

whole-wheat banana bread

Photos By:
Ali Inay
Elif Filyos

15 thoughts on “Whole-wheat bread with bananas and chocolate chips

  1. Oh no! I did exactly the same thing a few weeks ago, and I don’t have any excuses. A fellow blogger sent two recipes for whole wheat muffins, which are really good. I’ve also used them in “rustic” pastry. Let me know if you want the muffins recipes?
    I like your banana bread, would love some for breakfast!! 🙂

  2. This looks like a perfect use for ww flour! You can use up to ⅓ of a cup to every 1 cup sub for white flour. Meaning, if you’re making pizza or pancakes, anything really, just use ⅓ of the weight in whole wheat flour. That way you can use it up little by little. I have a blackberry pear cake on my site if you’d like!

    • Assolutamente devi! non sono perché facile e buono, ma perché non c’é burro né zucchero ( una volta tanto..) e perché diventa un pane che aiuta a sentirsi meno colpevoli quando si buttano via le banane dimenticate in fondo al cesto della frutta… ( io le butto nel congelatore in attesa del banana bread di turno).
      baci a te, a presto.

    • Thanks, sometimes “healthy food” can be a real problem, more than a super caloric cake… knowing that the “poor” banana bread was prepared without butter and without sugar, it has been eaten in 4 hours!

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