Pasta with apple sauce. A gift from Teresa

pasta with apple sauce

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Opening the mailbox fascinates me since the day I started reading. I remember how eagerly I waited postcards sent by my friends on vacation during summer holidays. Receiving and sending cards and letters was so exciting that I don’t know how much money I spent on them. At my age most of the letters I get are 80% bills, fines or bureaucratic stuff. But, fortunately, there are some exceptions and I’m still waiting to see them in my mailbox. Among them was a pleasant surprise from my friend Teresa , who sent me a little book of recipes with apples, including today’s recipe, sweet memories of a beautiful evening few years ago. I was so pleased to receive such a sweet gift from a friend far away that I’ve carried this book in my bag for at least 4 days. Teresa is perhaps the most eclectic among my friends, woman of career during the day and wonderful girlfriend for a funny evening. Able to transform the most useless and absurd objects into an almost artwork with her hands, even if she doesn’t have a great passion for cooking, with this pasta seasoned with an apple sauce she left me speechless again. To formally thank her, I’ll share this recipe with you, hoping that you, as I did, could find the same amazing flavor I was hoping for. I hope that Angie and Fiesta Friday‘s crew will love it!

Ingredients for 4 people:

360-400 gr. penne • a piece of celery, chopped • 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil • about 700 gr. of peeled apples cut into squares • about 350 gr. of tomatoes • 50 gr. of crushed walnuts • 80 gr. of pitted black olives • salt and pepper

  • In a pan stir-fry the celery with olive oil for a few minutes, then add the apples and cook again for several minutes over a medium heat;
  • Add the tomato, walnuts and black olives;
  • Season with salt and pepper and cook until the apples are tender – almost defeat;
  • Cook the penne al dente and season with the apple sauce and if you want some more drops of olive oil.

Les pâtes aux pommes. Un cadeau de Teresa

le pâtes avec les pommes

Ouvrir la boite aux lettres me fascine depuis que j’ai commencé à lire. Je me souviens de l’attente, que j’avais pendant l’été, des cartes postales envoyées par mes amis en vacances. Tel était le plaisir de les recevoir et de les envoyer, au point aussi que je ne sais pas quelle fortune j’ai dépensée en cartes et timbres.  À mon âge, la plupart des courriers que je reçois sont  80% de factures, amendes ou de la bureaucratie. Mais il y a quand même des exceptions, et j’attends toujours d’autres surprises dans ma boite aux lettres. Agréable comme celle de mon amie Teresa, qui m’a envoyé un petit livre de recettes toutes réalisées avec des pommes, parmi lesquelles la recette d’aujourd’hui, doux souvenir d’une belle soirée il y a quelques années.  Le plaisir de recevoir un si beau cadeau d’une amie au loin m’a tellement émue que j’ai porté le livre dans mon sac pendant 4 jours.  Teresa est peut-être la plus éclectique de mes amis, femme d’affaires le jour et merveilleuse copine pour une soirée amusante. Capable de transformer avec ses mains le plus inutile et absurde des objets en œuvre d’art ; même si elle n’a pas beaucoup de passion pour la cuisine, avec ses pâtes assaisonnées à la sauce aux pommes elle m’a encore laissée bouche bée.  Pour la remercier officiellement, je partage avec vous cette recette, en espérant retrouver cette incroyable saveur dans mon plat.

Ingrédients pour 4 personnes:

360-400 gr. de pennes •  un morceau de céleri haché • 2-3 cuillères à table d’huile d’olive • 700 gr. environ de pommes coupées en carrés •  350 gr. environ de tomates •  50 gr. de noix écrasées •  80 gr. d’olives noires dénoyautées •  sel et poivre

  • Sautez le cèleri dans l’huile d‘olive quelques minutes, puis ajoutez les pommes et cuisez encore quelques minutes ;
  • Ajoutez la tomate, les noix, les olives ;
  • Salez et poivrez, laissez cuire jusqu’à ce que les pommes soient cuites, presque défaites ;
  • Cuisez les pennes al dente et assaisonnez avec la sauce aux pommes et encore un filet d’huile d’olive.

La pasta con le mele. Un regalo di Teresa.

la pasta con le mele

Ingredienti per 4 persone:

360-400 gr. di penne • un pezzo di sedano tritato • 2-3 cucchiai di olio d’oliva • 700 gr. circa di mele sbucciate e  tagliate a quadratini • 350 gr. circa di pomodori • 50 gr. di noci tritate • 80 gr. di olive nere snocciolate • sale e pepe

  • Saltate il sedano in olio di oliva per qualche minuto, aggiungete le mele e cuocete ancora per qualche minuto;
  • Aggiungete il pomodoro, le noci e le olive;
  • Salate e pepate e cuocete fino a quando le mele saranno, quasi disfatte;
  • Cuocete le penne al dente e condite con salsa di mele e  un filo di olio d’oliva a crudo.

penne with apples and olives

Photos by Elif and Margherita 

64 thoughts on “Pasta with apple sauce. A gift from Teresa

    • Tatiana quando la mia amica me l’ha messa davanti una sera di diversi anni fa, ho alzato il sopracciglio… non mi convinceva l’idea… ma giuro al primo boccone sono impazzita! questa pasta un sapore completamente nuovo e particolarissimo, e sicuramente é anche poco dispendioso, che come dici sempre tu, non guasta mai!

  1. Lasciando perdere il fatto che ormai non subisco il fascino di una lettera postale da tanto tantissimo tampo (quelle date a mano non valgono …), ammetto che questa pasta mi incuriosisce e stupisce allo stesso tempo. Mi sa che ho alzato il sopracciglio come te!!! Però sono curiosa e quindi la proverò, ma una cosa: immagino che un tipo di mela che tenga la cottura e non troppo asprigna sia più adeguato …
    a presto Martina

    • Ammetto che ci vuole un po’ di voglia per provare a farla, perché suona veramente strano. A me e a quelli che l’hanno mangiata é piaciuta veramente tanto… io avevo delle mele rosse, belle sode. Se la provi, fammi sapere! io ho ancora in testa il tuo pane…dammi 5 minuti e poi lo sforno!

  2. Simple ingredients, yet such beautiful results! This sounds delicious, though I would never have thought to put the ingredients dinner. It is a wonderful, eclectic mix…somewhat like Teresa I imagine 🙂

  3. What a beautiful combination of ingredients–I bet the flavor of this pasta is tremendous! And your friend is so sweet to send you such a lovely care package. I love sending and receiving “snail” mail and think a book of recipes would be a great gift to receive or give through the mail.

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  5. Well, I LOVE it! Once again, you opened our eyes to see apples in a different light by offering this unique recipe. Pasta and apples will most likely find their way into my dinner bowl soon, and together! Thanks for this, Margherita! XOXO

    • Hey there! as I said before, I’m perfectly aware that this kind of sauce it’s bizarre… but trust me is really good, something new to go beyond the ordinary pasta seasonings! thanks a lot for you comment!

  6. Having an apple orchard, I have used apples in lots of dishes but this is certainly a new recipe for me. I know some people add a little sugar to tomato sauces to cut the acidity without actually making the recipe sweet. I would think the apples would be similar.

  7. Je n’ai jamais pensé à marier pommes et pâtes! Je sens que cette recette va bientôt être testée par ici…

    Bises et @+, Anne.

  8. Bizarre combination or not, if it taste 1/2 as beautiful as your photographs then it is fabulous. I’m going to make it, just because you like it and I’m sure you know your pasta’s! 🙂

  9. There couldn’t be a lovelier gift of the heart, the book of recipes..knowing your love of cooking. The pasta looks so beautiful. I was surprised when I saw that apples were a part of the sauce, but then it dawned on me that they would bring a wonderful sweetness to the dish, yet carry the savory so beautifully. Wonderful post…wonderful recipe! thanks so much for sharing.. I will be trying this..

    • Trust me, I was surprise as well when my friend served me this pasta… but it turned out delicious after the first bite… quite weird, but very good! sharing this recipe has been the best way to thank her! I’m happy you liked!

  10. Of course we love it, Margherita! I can just imagine how the apple sauce balances out the dish with just the tiniest bit of sweetness. I always add a bit of sugar to my marinara to mellow out the acidity. 🙂

  11. Oh boy I can’t remember when I last received a postcard or gift. My mailbox is full of bills and bills and bills. Thank God Teresa sent you that little book. The past looks so delicious and has a great combination of ingredients. I have bookmarked it. Best wishes!

  12. anche io ogni tanto tra le bollette vorrei trovare un libro di ricette sulle mele!!!! Mi devi far conosce questa tua amica Teresa! 🙂
    sai che mi piacciono molto le mele e quindi questa pasta (dopo i tuoi ravioli che però per ora rimangono al n°1) mi ispira e mi intriga moltissimo! Ho delle piccole annurka, dici che possono andare bene o secondo te servono mele più farinose?

  13. Gorgeous!! I’ve never come across a pasta recipe with apples, but it sure looks good! I suppose they cook down quite a bit and almost became a sauce? I can imagine they taste pretty good. Loving these unique recipes Margherita!

    • Thank you Nazneen! it’s an odd recipe, but really tasty!Actually you should cook the apples until they are really tender, but not completely defeated… But feel free to let them become a sauce, I think that the taste will be good anyway!

  14. Margherita, tu es la première personne que je croise qui met des pommes dans ses pâtes! Tu me donnes vraiment envie d’essayer, puisque tes recettes ont toujours l’air délicieuses 🙂

  15. Un’idea insolita per una pasta che ha un aspetto favoloso.
    Brave tutte e due: tu per averla proposta e Teresa per aver spedito il libro.
    La proverò, me la metto nella lista “da da fare”.

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