Eggplant and feta balls

eggplant and feta balls

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You can trust eggplants. They never deceive you. Yes, I know, sometimes they can be bitter, but something unexpected can always happen, can’t it? These eggplant and feta balls are the last things I cooked before I left for my holidays in Italy, with the idea to empty my fridge as much as possible. Continue reading

My version of savory Kranz Cake with pesto


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Some months I saw on Angie’s blog this amazing sweet bread, almost a cake, that immediately captured my attention. I had never heard about this “Kranz Cake”, but when I did some research I immediately realized that I was one of the few who didn’t know what it was. I still remember that Angie replied to my enthusiastic comment inviting me to make it again.
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Nests of phyllo dough with asparagus cream and ricotta

phyllo nest with asparagus and ricotta

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Time flies so fast that I did not realize that Easter is already here, and I’m not ready at all. I have to admit that I’m not too inspired, I don’t have any super original ideas. What I’d like the most for this Easter, counting on warm weather, is walking outside in the lovely parks of Montreal and stopping for a few seconds to think and organize the next few weeks, since some friends from Italy will be here. Continue reading

Seed and onion crackers

Crackers with seeds and onion

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There are things we cannot postpone indefinitely, sooner or later the moment to do them arrives, no more excuses. My problem lately is the driver’s license that I have to get in Canada. So it means a second exam, written and practical, in other words a nightmare! It’s crazy, isn’t it? I’ve never thought of being forced to do it again. Unfortunately, the validity of my Italian driver’s license is limited, and as soon as you become a permanent resident you’re obliged to have the Quebec one. Continue reading

Börek. Turkey has never been closer

Börek with Feta cheese and spinach

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Someone asked me why I have so many Turkish friends. Truth is I do not know. Maybe it is because of the Mediterranean? Once more, I do not know. What is certain is that I enjoy the company of my Turkish friends a lot, I spend a lot of time with them, sharing lots of interests with them even if the only Turkish words I understand are “anne” and “baba”. Living in a multicultural country like Canada allows us to be in contact with different cultures and languages. I often have the feeling of being a citizen of the world, without any prejudice, because I am an immigrant too. Continue reading

Eliopita. The olive and Fanta bread from Cyprus

olive and Fanta bread

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According to my friends, this recipe is one of the best in my “resume”. They’ve in fact asked me to write the recipe on my blog, to avoid asking me the right amount of ingredients every single time.  It funny though, I had never thought to put it on my blog … Being honest, a longtime has passed since the last time I’ve prepared the olive bread. This happened not for some specific reason, simply, Eliopita went out of my mind. It’s really funny because I read a lot of magazines, books, blogs, to be inspired by. Always looking for something very particular, very appetizing, but by doing this I run the risk of forgetting the easiest things, those that we grew up with.  Continue reading

Artichokes and truffle oil tartlets

short crust pastry tartlets

french version english version italian version

I came up with this recipe by chance. During a cleaning day I found a very special book, hidden behind at least 15 other books, on the top of my fridge. This cooking book was a Christmas gift of a friend of mine of many years … what a surprise! It was exactly like receiving it again!This book was full of sticky notes among which I’ve found the artichokes and truffle oil tartlets’ recipe, really easy to prepare and perfect to be served during an aperitif or as an appetizer. Just to be clear, it’s obvious that the responsibility of the big chaos on my bookcases (in the kitchen or in the living room) is not on me, but on the books themselves, always undisciplined and clumsy…

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Spanakopita… without spinach!

Spanalopita witout spinach

french version english version italian version

Have you already bought phyllo dough convinced that it would be a quick and easy job? Of course, I did. At the end of each recipe that I’ve tried, there was always almost half of the package to throw out. Its sheets, frustratingly thin and light, have driven me mad more than a group of small children can… To balance my relationship with phyllo dough I had to take a class in foreign cuisine, where a guy kindly showed me how to handle it. I was so happy that, starting from that moment, I always keep a package of phyllo dough my fridge. Continue reading

Madeleines à la polenta et à la sauge

madeleines polenta et sage


J’ai lu quelque part qu’il existe environ 800 variétés de sauge. Imaginez-vous 800 variétés de sauge ?! Je dois vous dire que quand j’en achète, elle me semble pareille, toujours incroyablement bonne. J’aime tellement son odeur, et surtout sa texture, que je l’ai choisie pour mon bouquet de mariée. La sauge sent bon, avec « ses amis » le thym, le romarin et le laurier, elle devient une grande alliée en cuisine (mais il ne faut pas trop le lui dire… je ne voudrais que ça lui monte à la tête.).
Je vous avais déjà parlé de ma passion pour la polenta (, alors voilà la recette pour les madeleines à la polenta aromatisées à la sauge… Comment vous refuser ce plaisir ? Impossible ! Continue reading

Cake salé aux poires, gouda et graines de pavot

cake salé aux poires, gouda et graines de pavot

J’aime tellement les cakes que je dois faire l’effort de ne pas en préparer souvent. Ce que j’aime bien avec eux, c’est qu’il n’y a pas de règles. Comment les voulez-vous? Chauds, tièdes ou froids? Le matin, pour le déjeuner ou pour le dîner ? À vous de décider comment ou quand les goûter. Pour les réaliser, il faut seulement avoir de la fantaisie et quelques ingrédients, on mélange tout dans l’ordre qui convient ou dans le désordre. C’est pour cela qu’ils deviennent pour moi la meilleure occasion pour me passer l’envie d’essayer des combinaisons bizarres de saveurs, comme celle d’aujourd’hui. Continue reading