Lemon and chocolate nibs (baked) donuts

lemon baked donuts

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I have already said everything about lemon and it might be redundant saying again how deep is my passion for this citrus fruit. The “odd news” here is the “marriage” with the cocoa nibs, in other words the cacao beans that have been roasted, separated from their husks, and broken into smaller pieces. Continue reading

Shortbread cookies with hazelnuts and orange

sablé aux noisettes et à l'orange

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I love all kinds of cookies, but I admit that I’m not a good baker of them. First because often I don’t guess the right cooking time, and let us speak the truth, making a cake is faster, no need to struggle with the dough that sticks to your hands or with the shape that does not look like you had imagined … Continue reading

Spice and ginger square cookies

biscotti allo zenzero

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I’ve already told you that the sweet side of this Christmas is that it will be full of spices and ginger. I know that maybe it’s not very original, but I cannot disregard my “food inclinations” especially for Christmas! In the light of results, no regrets at all!  Continue reading

Sweet bread men (Grittibanz)

sweet bread men

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Christmas approaches, and being the child I am, I’m counting downs the days (- 13). Since I’ve been using ginger everywhere else, I decided not to perform the classic “gingerbread” but “breadmen” as sweet and fun as the others. “My men” come from Germany and Switzerland (German canton) and they are prepared in occasion of the feast of St. Nicholas, December 6th, I’m quite late posting them now, but I was waiting to be in my hometown with my family in order to have the perfect atmosphere. Continue reading

Citrus “langues de chat”

Lingue di gatto agli agrumifrench version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

After the whole Friday spent in the kitchen and a pretty much busy Saturday always around food, I said I would have given myself a break, which means not cooking for at least 48 hours. In truth, I resisted far from the burners just 22 hours (not even a day!). Continue reading

Marbled pumpkin and chocolate sweet squares

torta di zucca e cioccolata senza burro


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I can proudly say that this year I celebrated Halloween like a real North American girl, since I carved some decorative pumpkins, I joined my friends Elif and Ali ‘s party with great enthusiasm, bringing food, alcohol and even choosing a costume. I have to admit that choosing the costumes has been really fun. In my head, my hubby and me were the perfect “bacon and egg” couple, but unfortunately we arrived too late, not even a single slice of bacon was left. Continue reading

Krumiri with hazelnut flour, lime and cinnamon

Krumiri with lime and hazelnut flour

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People who know me quite well know that when I put my mind on something, sooner or later I do it. It was like that for this recipe too, since I loved it on Manuela’s blog, I’ve only waited a few days to go into action. For foreign friends who follow me Krumiri  is a kind of biscuit born in the Piedmont Region, well known and really appreciated all over Italy. It’s funny because when I was in Italy, I dreamed of eating brownies, cupcakes and bagels, but since I’m in Canada I want to eat all the things I used to eat when I was in Italy. Krumiri are among these things. Don’t get me wrong, I can find Krumiri even in Montreal, but only in a few stores that import them directly from Italy for a price that is not really convenient. You will understand my pleasure when I tried to do them on my own, and immediately sent the recipe to my Italian friend Caterina, who sometimes is homesick, as I am … I slightly modified the original recipe using hazelnut flour instead of corn flour so choose the version you prefer, I’m sure that sooner or later you’re going to try both!

Continue reading