Matcha chiffon cake

matcha tea chiffon cake

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When you move abroad it’s very common to have an incredible desire to build relationships in order to create a new “emotional balance” – at least for me it has been like that. Especially when you move far away from your hometown, the necessity of warmth and human relations is almost inevitable, especially if Mediterranean blood runs through your veins. Continue reading

Sour cherry rustic crumble

sour cherry crumble

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Two crumbles in a couple of hours can be considered as a record? It depends on your point of view. I’m so in love with crumbles that I think we should enjoy them at least 5 days a week (breaks allowed only during weekends). Continue reading

Upside-down plum and cocoa cake

upside-down chocolate and plums cake

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I don’t like doing blood tests. I don’t like them at all. When my new family doctor prescribed some blood tests for a regular check-up, I would have rather changed the doctor instead of going to the hospital to do them. But it’s true, however, that I’ve behaved all my life more or less as a diligent person so I couldn’t wait longer than four months to bring some results to my doctor. Continue reading

Buckwheat cake with raspberry and cider sauce

buckwheat and raspberry cake

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I love savory more than sweet food, but I have more fun preparing cakes, in my mind they give me way too much satisfaction. There is no doubt. Lately with all the markets crowded with people and red fruits (of which Quebec is very proud), my desire to make cakes has notably increased. Continue reading

Blueberries and almond milk clafoutis

bluberry and almond milk clafoutis

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I’am convinced that some cakes are interesting also because of the name they are born with. Is it not true? Especially those which have a French name … éclair, canelés, flans … Can’t you hear how their names sound so good in your ears? The clafoutis is among them, there is no doubt. I’ve tried to make clafoutis several times, I love its name and I wanted to make it as poetic as the name sounds, but there were always something that did not work. Consistency, egg flavor too strong etc. Continue reading

Basil and lemon ice cream

basil and lemon ice cream

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I’m aware that in the past few months you heard me complain a lot about the cold and snow, but you must know that summer time in Montreal can be really hot. Living in a place where the winter lasts 4-5 months, I won’t complain, but it’s true that the only thing we can do (especially if there’s no air conditioning at home) is staying as close as possible to the freezer. Continue reading

Upside-down pie with peach and rosemary crumble

upside_down pie with crumble


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Some opportunities arrive by chance, you have to be lucky enough to jump at them. It was like that when my friend Carlotta asked me to cook for a brunch organized by her and her girlfriend Sara in their store on the occasion of my visit to Italy. Well, you must know that the store of these girls is among my favorite around Florence. Continue reading

Ricotta ice cream

ricotta home made ice cream

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I really enjoy sharing this recipe, mainly for three reasons:

  • this is the first time I’ve prepared ice cream;
  •  I’ve made it during my vacation in Italy, at my mother’s, because ricotta there is really much better than here in Canada;
  •  this week I will be with Angie, the “lady of the house” and the great Sylvia for  co-hosting the 23rd edition of the Fiesta Friday;

Continue reading

Grapefruit donuts

grapefruit donuts

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The idea of some recipes “sprout” spontaneously, it arrives without asking the permission. I bought the donuts mold before I knew what I would use it with. It’s been a while since I wanted to prepare small donuts more for their shape rather than their taste. It’s funny because I thought more about which mold I should have bought (silicone or metal ? ?) than the recipe itself. Continue reading

My birthday cake. Hazelnut meringues and red fruits.

gâteau d'anniversaire avec meringues aux noisettes

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The first post from abroad had to be my birthday cake. No secrets, indeed, last week was my birthday. I know that time goes fast, but honestly I have no problems with aging. It seems rather that I love my birthday even though my age increases exactly as my wrinkles do. It always deserves to be celebrated. I thought for several days about which cake I should make, with chocolate ? Or with the cream? Or maybe a semifreddo? It is not easy to choose the right one, isnt’it? Continue reading