Vikingo’s baked potatoes.

baked potatoes

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This recipe is not what you think it is – from the Viking era, but rather the recipe of a friend who I love and miss a lot. Vikingo with “O” at the end as we say in Italy, is the nickname given by my brother, to my friend Fabio who taught me how to make these potatoes. I must say first of all that Fabio loves all food, but only if it’s made with pork and onions, and above all if it’s fried. His girlfriend Chiara, my good friend too, tried to force him to eat “healthier” but in vain, for him soups and salads don’t have the right to be considered as food. Indeed being at Vikingo and Chiara ‘s place is like being in the supermarket.

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Börek. Turkey has never been closer

Börek with Feta cheese and spinach

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Someone asked me why I have so many Turkish friends. Truth is I do not know. Maybe it is because of the Mediterranean? Once more, I do not know. What is certain is that I enjoy the company of my Turkish friends a lot, I spend a lot of time with them, sharing lots of interests with them even if the only Turkish words I understand are “anne” and “baba”. Living in a multicultural country like Canada allows us to be in contact with different cultures and languages. I often have the feeling of being a citizen of the world, without any prejudice, because I am an immigrant too. Continue reading

Onion crumble

onion crumble
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Yes, it is. You read that right. I said crumble + onions. What else should I add? No, I think that’s enough. The idea to make an onion crumble (I said onion crumble again…) was going through my head for a longtime. I even bought the baking glass dish to do it as soon as the idea came to my mind… I am like that, even if sometimes I hesitate a little, sooner or later, I move into action. The result was exactly as I expected, maybe even better. This onion crumble represents a dish that deserves to be eaten little by little, by small bits I would suggest. Continue reading

Sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

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Moving at almost 34 years old is not easy, especially if you do it at a time you’ve never imagined. Your family, your friends, your job … the balance of all of this breaks .You have to start it all over again. When I arrived in Quebec, I lived the first months exactly as a tourist. Discovering the city as if I was an Italian of “passaggio ” I didn’t want to break my bonds with Italy and my entire life there. After summer, when Montreal becomes really amazing, I’ve begun to feel it in my heart, I’ve started to feel comfortable with different cultures, habits and people. Continue reading

Boulettes de chou-fleur et sauce aux câpres

Boulettes de chou-fleur et sauce aux câpres

Commencer à faire quelque chose et finir par en faire une autre, peut être bien amusant. Mais bon, je me suis trompée. Le but de ma recette était de frire du chou blanc, mais étant donné que j’aime beaucoup faire plusieurs choses en même temps, quand j’ai enlevé le chou de la casserole, il était presque défait. J’avais donc deux choix : recommencer du début ou réparer. J’ai choisi le deuxième en réalisant des boulettes de chou, à côté desquelles j’ai servi une sauce aux câpres, pour réveiller leur saveur, et c’est sûr, pour ne pas me sentir fautive d’avoir oublié le pauvre chou. Le résultat a été super miam !
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