Saffron tagliatelle with sausage crumble on butternut cream.

saffron tagliatelle

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I wouldn’t define myself as an expert on Abruzzo region. I’m not proud of this lack, but, willing or not, it’s the truth.The “information” I have is less than the things I had the chance to imagine through the tales of my two dear friends. Super funny stories and amusing anecdotes that made me laugh, as well as all our friends and the friends of the friends. It is clear that the idea I have of Abruzzo is really positive. Continue reading

Kale and spinach spätzli

homemade spatula with kale

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Kale and spätzli are rarely mixed together, at least for me. Spätzli is a typical recipe of Germany, Switzerland, Austria and northern Italy. The kale, in Italy sometimes is known as “Black of Tuscany”, is the main ingredient of some traditional recipes around Florence and Siena.. Continue reading

Nests of phyllo dough with asparagus cream and ricotta

phyllo nest with asparagus and ricotta

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Time flies so fast that I did not realize that Easter is already here, and I’m not ready at all. I have to admit that I’m not too inspired, I don’t have any super original ideas. What I’d like the most for this Easter, counting on warm weather, is walking outside in the lovely parks of Montreal and stopping for a few seconds to think and organize the next few weeks, since some friends from Italy will be here. Continue reading

White ravioli with apples and potatoes

ravioli bianchi di mele e patate

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I’ve never eaten so many apples in my life since my arrival in Canada. They are so good that I always have at home. Apples are undoubtedly among the most universal fruits, aren’t they? I prefer them in savory recipes, indeed, for example with meat, in quiches or salads. With apples, you don’t have to worry,the recipes will always work 100%.  This is exactly what happened for these white ravioli with apples when I found its recipe, since I knew that it was time to re-use my machine for pasta, considering that the “poor girl” was so eager to get out of her box.  Continue reading

“Pici” with crumbs. A taste of Tuscany

Pici con le briciole

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Ah the Pici, in my opinion it represents one of the best ways to enjoy fresh homemade pasta. Any bite that dissolves in my mouth is like a dream for me. My foreign friends may not know that Pici is a kind of hand rolled spaghetti, longer and thicker. This type of hand-made spaghetti comes from Siena in Tuscany, where the preparation and the consumption of Pici have deep roots in the history of the city itself. It seems that the Etruscans had invented them. Continue reading

Beet gnocchi

beet gnocchi

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Honestly I’ve made ​​this recipe two times before I started writing this post: first time fascinated by the experience of trying purple gnocchi, the second one for the Christmas Eve dinner at some friends’ house, but above all to note the right amount of ingredients. If you have already made homemade gnocchi, you’ll see that this recipe has no additional difficulty. Only particularity is that beets make the dough a bit more humid, so you must need to add more flour and be more patient kneading it. And trust me, even if you’re not a big fan of beets, I am sure 100% that you will be seduced by its beautiful fuchsia color! Continue reading