Red tuna and strawberry tartare

tartare de thon et fraises

french version english version italian version(SCROLL DOWN)

I’m still enjoying what’s left of my vacation in Florence. I’m having a great time, with family and friends the times is flying very fast. I apologize for not having enough time for my blog, I’m trying to do the best I can. Continue reading

Fennel salad with mango and coconut breaded shrimps

fennel and mango salad

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

When I found beautiful tulips at the supermarket, I wanted to purchase them all in every color. After several minutes wondering which color I should buy, I chose the yellow ones, thinking that they would go perfectly with the mango salad I wanted to prepare the day after. My lust for yellow tulips and salads go at the same speed with the calendar. Even though two days ago a storm covered the city with snow again, and the temperature is still too close to zero, according to the calendar it’s spring and I feel like eating something colorful. Continue reading

Octopus and pomegranate salad. Serena’s recipe.

octopus salad

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

I’ve waited for a long time to publish a recipe about fish, and since my friend Serena gave me this recipe, I am twice as happy. Should I start right away with the recipe or introduce some details about my friend? Let’s go with the introduction, she deserves at least a few lines. Serena and I have been friends for 10 years, she is a friend with whom I argued several times, but also of whom I cannot give up the friendship. She is beautiful, smart and very, very funny; spending an evening with Serena gives you the impression of being at a comedy show. She has many gifts: making people laugh, collecting shoes (but keep in mind it’s not allowed to see two shoes at the same time) and make Excel files … she makes them for everything indeed. Continue reading