Lemon and saffron loaf cake.


plumcake al limone e zafferano

french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

When I compare my character to my parents’ or with someone in my family there are always a few similarities. Both the good and the bad. I could make a long list in the matter of it, but the funniest thing is inheriting my grandmother’s passion for lemons or better compulsive desire to buy them. No jokes. Continue reading

Spinach “salami” with spicy tomato sauce

Spinach salami with tomato sauce

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

In Italy we say that the house hides things, but it doesn’t lose them. As memory always stays the same, there are things that we suddenly remember without thinking about them. And magically, they reappear. A word, a color or a smell, and the memory believed lost forever is there, exactly where we left it. Continue reading