Pasta with apple sauce. A gift from Teresa

pasta with apple sauce

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Opening the mailbox fascinates me since the day I started reading. I remember how eagerly I waited postcards sent by my friends on vacation during summer holidays. Receiving and sending cards and letters was so exciting that I don’t know how much money I spent on them. At my age most of the letters I get are 80% bills, fines or bureaucratic stuff. But, fortunately, there are some exceptions and I’m still waiting to see them in my mailbox. Among them was a pleasant surprise from my friend Teresa , who sent me a little book of recipes with apples, including today’s recipe, sweet memories of a beautiful evening few years ago. Continue reading

White ravioli with apples and potatoes

ravioli bianchi di mele e patate

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I’ve never eaten so many apples in my life since my arrival in Canada. They are so good that I always have at home. Apples are undoubtedly among the most universal fruits, aren’t they? I prefer them in savory recipes, indeed, for example with meat, in quiches or salads. With apples, you don’t have to worry,the recipes will always work 100%.  This is exactly what happened for these white ravioli with apples when I found its recipe, since I knew that it was time to re-use my machine for pasta, considering that the “poor girl” was so eager to get out of her box.  Continue reading

La tarte aux pommes et lavande de Madame Vera

tarte aux pommes et lavande

french version english version italian version

La tarte aux pommes est un grand classique, on la trouve presque partout ; chaque pays, chaque région et chaque famille ont leur version « originale », peut-être transmise de mère en fille…et toutes sont prêtes à jurer qu’elle est la meilleure interprétation de la tarte aux pommes.
De toute façon et de n’importe quelle manière, elles sont bonnes, dans toutes leurs nuances.
Aujourd’hui, j’ai préparé la recette de Madame Vera, non seulement parce que sa tarte aux pommes est vraiment exquise, mais aussi parce que sa fille Barbara l’a toujours défendu en disant «celle de ma mère, c’est la meilleure !» Continue reading