My birthday cake. Hazelnut meringues and red fruits.

gâteau d'anniversaire avec meringues aux noisettes

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The first post from abroad had to be my birthday cake. No secrets, indeed, last week was my birthday. I know that time goes fast, but honestly I have no problems with aging. It seems rather that I love my birthday even though my age increases exactly as my wrinkles do. It always deserves to be celebrated. I thought for several days about which cake I should make, with chocolate ? Or with the cream? Or maybe a semifreddo? It is not easy to choose the right one, isnt’it? Continue reading

Birthday Cake. Lemon cake with ice cream and meringues

lemon cake ice cream meringue

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Two weeks ago it was my husband’s birthday, the second one we celebrated together in Montreal. I love my husband. I love him even more when a “no matter why” party is approaching, either his birthday or Christmas or any other occasion that should be celebrated, he begins by saying “no gifts, no cakes, we will spend an evening just the two of us, this is the way I like”. Liar! I know for a fact that when he says something, he wants exactly the opposite. And so, gifts, a lot of friends over, a cake with candles in the bargain. Continue reading