Madeleines with almond flour and orange.

madeleines with almond flour and orange

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Madeleines represent the kind of cakes that are a part of my routine since I prepare them at least once every 10 days. We like to swallow them in the morning with our eyes still closed, down everything in one gulp. We all know the story of Marcel Proust and his ” mystical journey ” to the past with the first bite of a madeleine. Continue reading

Cookies with spelt flour, banana and chocolate chips.

biscuits à la farine d'épeautre et banane

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One of my strangest habits is to keep a little notebook in my purse where I note all those dishes that I fall in love with, the recipes given by a friend or the flavors I do not want forget in order to re-elaborate them. I went around with a small green notebook for at least 5 years … you can easily imagine its condition when I decided to buy a new one. Despite the hard work that I had to do in order to copy all my notes in my cookbook, I kept on taking notes like crazy. Continue reading

Dark chocolate cupcakes with pepper and sweet rose petals

dark chocolate cupcake

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I’ve never been good at doing cake decorations. There are a lot of places where I like to go just to admire as a child, through the windows, the infinite variety of cakes elegantly decorated like an artwork. Every period of the year has its own specialties. Now it’s “St. Valentine” time which means a float of hearts, pink and red decorations. Although I am aware of my limits in terms of decorations, I wanted to give myself a chance anyway. Et voilà my chocolate and pepper cupcakes decorated with sweet rose petals. Continue reading

Chocolate mousse with rhubarb and biscuits

chocolate mousse

While I was trying this recipe I realized several things about the chocolate mousse:
1) It’s good
2) It’s easy and quick to prepare
3) It’s not too greasy, or at least less greasy than I supposed it was
4) You can play with its flavors by adding fruits, biscuits or dried fruits
So after all these upsides I wonder why I haven’t tried it before? Ah … the prejudice is hardly a good thing…. In fact, I should officially beg the chocolate mousse pardon, because I’ve always thought that it wasn’t interesting enough to catch my attention, and that its name was the most attractive thing about it. What a mistake! Continue reading

Whole-wheat bread with bananas and chocolate chips

pain de blé entier

french version english version italian version

I would be lying if I said I bought whole-wheat flour because of its health benefits. I bought it by accident. And yes, grocery shopping abroad when you have just moved to a new country is never easy. But, if you also take Montreal’s winter weather into consideration, something completely foreign to a native Italian, then doing your groceries becomes an almost heroic mission. Upon entering the store, I was presented with two choices: Continue reading

100% Chocolat


Je peux vous dire que cette tarte a été la première recette que j’ai écrite dans mon recueil, son titre est toujours là, écrit avec un beau crayon rose.
Je sais bien qu’on trouve partout des tartes beaucoup plus « séduisantes», farcies avec des crèmes, des ganaches ou des fruits, mais faites-moi confiance, cette tarte au chocolat vous fera tomber amoureux à la première morsure.
C’est pour ça qu’au fil des ans, j’ai toujours trouvé un bon prétexte pour la cuisiner, un examen, un anniversaire, un mauvais fiancé… À Montréal, mon prétexte préféré c’est l’hiver et la neige (et même le printemps, pour la neige qui reviendra !). Je suis sûre que si vous habitez ici, vous comprenez très bien de quoi je parle…

Continue reading