Madeleines with almond flour and orange.

madeleines with almond flour and orange

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Madeleines represent the kind of cakes that are a part of my routine since I prepare them at least once every 10 days. We like to swallow them in the morning with our eyes still closed, down everything in one gulp. We all know the story of Marcel Proust and his ” mystical journey ” to the past with the first bite of a madeleine. Continue reading

Onion crumble

onion crumble
french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Yes, it is. You read that right. I said crumble + onions. What else should I add? No, I think that’s enough. The idea to make an onion crumble (I said onion crumble again…) was going through my head for a longtime. I even bought the baking glass dish to do it as soon as the idea came to my mind… I am like that, even if sometimes I hesitate a little, sooner or later, I move into action. The result was exactly as I expected, maybe even better. This onion crumble represents a dish that deserves to be eaten little by little, by small bits I would suggest. Continue reading