Hazelnut cake with apple butter

hazelnut cake with apple butter

If you’re lucky enough to have apple butter as a topping, homemade ​​with organic apples, you’ll have the responsibility to honor it at your best. With one pot of my tasty apple butter in my hands, I had to concentrate on choosing the best matching cake. In my head, I was looking for something not too complicated, but not ordinary, and above all, with a rustic texture … Continue reading

Sour cherry rustic crumble

sour cherry crumble

french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

Two crumbles in a couple of hours can be considered as a record? It depends on your point of view. I’m so in love with crumbles that I think we should enjoy them at least 5 days a week (breaks allowed only during weekends). Continue reading

Upside-down plum and cocoa cake

upside-down chocolate and plums cake

french version english version italian version (SCROLL DOWN)

I don’t like doing blood tests. I don’t like them at all. When my new family doctor prescribed some blood tests for a regular check-up, I would have rather changed the doctor instead of going to the hospital to do them. But it’s true, however, that I’ve behaved all my life more or less as a diligent person so I couldn’t wait longer than four months to bring some results to my doctor. Continue reading

Krumiri with hazelnut flour, lime and cinnamon

Krumiri with lime and hazelnut flour

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

People who know me quite well know that when I put my mind on something, sooner or later I do it. It was like that for this recipe too, since I loved it on Manuela’s blog, I’ve only waited a few days to go into action. For foreign friends who follow me Krumiri  is a kind of biscuit born in the Piedmont Region, well known and really appreciated all over Italy. It’s funny because when I was in Italy, I dreamed of eating brownies, cupcakes and bagels, but since I’m in Canada I want to eat all the things I used to eat when I was in Italy. Krumiri are among these things. Don’t get me wrong, I can find Krumiri even in Montreal, but only in a few stores that import them directly from Italy for a price that is not really convenient. You will understand my pleasure when I tried to do them on my own, and immediately sent the recipe to my Italian friend Caterina, who sometimes is homesick, as I am … I slightly modified the original recipe using hazelnut flour instead of corn flour so choose the version you prefer, I’m sure that sooner or later you’re going to try both!

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