Vikingo’s baked potatoes.

baked potatoes

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This recipe is not what you think it is – from the Viking era, but rather the recipe of a friend who I love and miss a lot. Vikingo with “O” at the end as we say in Italy, is the nickname given by my brother, to my friend Fabio who taught me how to make these potatoes. I must say first of all that Fabio loves all food, but only if it’s made with pork and onions, and above all if it’s fried. His girlfriend Chiara, my good friend too, tried to force him to eat “healthier” but in vain, for him soups and salads don’t have the right to be considered as food. Indeed being at Vikingo and Chiara ‘s place is like being in the supermarket.

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Onion, pancetta and fennel seeds stuffed chicken.

pollo farcito con cipolle pancetta e semi di finocchio

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I’ve waited for a longtime to prepare this recipe because I was afraid to ruin the memory of a wonderful evening spent with some good friends. But since I really liked this stuffed chicken, I mustered the courage and I tried it. As we all know giving the credits to the original authors is always a good deed, so the recipe of this stuffed chicken belongs to my friend Cedrick, Marie’s husband. I still have the image of Cedrick’s smile while he was bringing the chicken to the table in my heart, saying that he had learned this recipe from his grandmother. Continue reading

Onion crumble

onion crumble
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Yes, it is. You read that right. I said crumble + onions. What else should I add? No, I think that’s enough. The idea to make an onion crumble (I said onion crumble again…) was going through my head for a longtime. I even bought the baking glass dish to do it as soon as the idea came to my mind… I am like that, even if sometimes I hesitate a little, sooner or later, I move into action. The result was exactly as I expected, maybe even better. This onion crumble represents a dish that deserves to be eaten little by little, by small bits I would suggest. Continue reading

Flan aux carottes et oignons caramélisés


Les carottes sont parmi les légumes que je mange plus rarement, j’essaie toujours d’en acheter avec de bonnes intentions, mais souvent elles finissent par se flétrir dans le réfrigérateur…

Aujourd’hui, pour ne pas me sentir fautive «  en tuant » à nouveau des carottes innocentes (et surtout du panier bio), j’ai décidé que le moment était venu de leur faire confiance. Avec elles, languissaient dans le frigo des oignons verts frais. Quelle meilleure occasion pour les cuisiner ensemble ? Le résultat était délicieux, surtout l’association du goût intense des oignons avec la douceur des carottes. Mon mari l’a littéralement dévoré. Quant à moi, je dois vous dire que je ne sais pas encore si j’aime ou non les carottes… peut-être que je ne déciderai jamais…

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