Onion, pancetta and fennel seeds stuffed chicken.

pollo farcito con cipolle pancetta e semi di finocchio

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

I’ve waited for a longtime to prepare this recipe because I was afraid to ruin the memory of a wonderful evening spent with some good friends. But since I really liked this stuffed chicken, I mustered the courage and I tried it. As we all know giving the credits to the original authors is always a good deed, so the recipe of this stuffed chicken belongs to my friend Cedrick, Marie’s husband. I still have the image of Cedrick’s smile while he was bringing the chicken to the table in my heart, saying that he had learned this recipe from his grandmother. Continue reading

Sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

sweet potatoes and pancetta flan

french version english version italian version

Moving at almost 34 years old is not easy, especially if you do it at a time you’ve never imagined. Your family, your friends, your job … the balance of all of this breaks .You have to start it all over again. When I arrived in Quebec, I lived the first months exactly as a tourist. Discovering the city as if I was an Italian of “passaggio ” I didn’t want to break my bonds with Italy and my entire life there. After summer, when Montreal becomes really amazing, I’ve begun to feel it in my heart, I’ve started to feel comfortable with different cultures, habits and people. Continue reading

Celeriac soup with scallops and pancetta

Soupe de céleri-rave, pétoncles et pancetta

Soupe de céleri-rave, pétoncles et pancetta
La période des fêtes est extrêmement contradictoire. On mange, on mange, en sachant déjà qu’il faudra être au régime tout de suite après. Mais ça représente une vrai torture… comment peut-on manger des salades si dans nos yeux resplendi encore l’image de la table pleine de gourmandises ?! Vous l’avez déjà peut-être remarqué je suis une femme de compromis, et une fois encore pour cette recette j’ai imaginé un savoureux mariage entre la légèreté du céleri-rave et l’union insolite des pétoncles avec la pancetta.

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