Red rice and vegetable crown with pumpkin and almond béchamel.

red rice and vegetables crown

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

I’m having a strange time lately. I am feeling very tired for more or less one month, but my thoughts keep on going forward too fast, faster than my legs, and they retreat immediately. The belated spring made this last period even more tiring. I’m currently living, using an Italian expression, without feeling myself “neither meat nor fish”. I would like to make some decisions calmly, without feeling the pressure of the things I have to do or better, things I’ve already started and I want them to be more concrete. Continue reading

Pasta stuffed with ricotta and radicchio served on pumpkin cream

pasta with radicchio e ricotta

french version english version italian version

The indisputable advantage of pasta is the absence of limitations in the ways of preparing it. The outcome is always guaranteed. Try to go beyond the usual recipes (tomato, pesto, bolognese …) and use all your extravagant fantasies (not just in the kitchen ☺). You can trust pasta. If you make a mistake, indeed, if an ingredient is replaced by another one, if we do not have the right pot, the recipe will be different but perhaps it will be better. Practice makes perfect! Talking about being creative, the recipe’s original author needs to be quoted… the first time I prepared this recipe I was with my mother and her friend, Mrs. Margherita, who has long surprised me with her whimsical and delicious dishes. Continue reading

Crème de citrouille avec quenelles au fromage ricotta

crème de citrouille debeurre

La plupart des filles ont grandi avec l’image d’une citrouille transformée en carrosse pour emmener Cendrillon au bal du Prince. Eh bien, j’en fais partie sans aucun doute. Imaginez-vous combien de responsabilités ont été données à la pauvre citrouille ??? Je crois que c’est pour ça qu’elle est devenue aussi versatile, même si elle ne devient jamais un carrosse, la citrouille a quand même fait de son mieux pour nous faire rêver en devenant la plus éclectique des légumes. Incroyablement santé, jamais trop chère, la citrouille avec sa peau brillante et dorée, pendant l’hiver, irradie chaleur et réconfort, même si on n’a aucun Prince!

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