Cold nettle soup with Greek yoghurt


Cold nettle soup

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Just to make it clear: this is the first time I’ve cooked nettle. The memories of the itches on my legs, even after several years, are still there. But finally my curiosity won over the “bad itching memories”, and so I went home with a lot of organic nettle. I wish I had a mirror when I tasted the first spoon of this soup. Continue reading

Beet soup with feta and cumin

beet soup with feta and cumin

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

Being a woman usually means that you can easily be seduced by a lot of things. Furthermore, if you are a woman who loves cooking, you probably will have problems not only in front of a shop window full of shoes or bags, but also at the supermarket. Whenever I have a few more minutes to spare and I’m in a good mood, I ‘m able to come home with a good number of ingredients because I fell in love just with their labels or colors. Continue reading

Spelt and white beans soup

Spelt and white bean soup

french version english version italian version (scroll down)

I noticed that the spelt is not really fashionable in Montreal, you can find a lot of grains everywhere but after more than a year living here, I’ve never seen spelt served in restaurants. That’s probably why when I went out with the purpose of buying it without knowing its name, neither in French nor in English , I started talking with a loud voice and moving my hands, exactly how everyone in the world would expect an Italian does. The poor girl who was serving me in the shop started to look at me like I was crazy (how can I blame her???) Continue reading